Profile & Mission

Fresia is a structured company that operates in the real estate management market – across the residential commercial and tertiary segments – and on the entire value chain of real estate development (e.g. purchase, promotion, construction and marketing), as well as hotel management and renewable energy.

Our strategic mission is the development of Real Estate in its different forms. Our business starts with the conceptual design of the product and continues through its whole building and final management and maintenance over time. Most of our investments are long-term, and the transformation covers the whole process, from the so-called “green field” to the sale of the resulting product. Alternatively, we also transform existing buildings, even radically, for new letting purposes.

We focus on ROI (return on investment), financial stability, as well as on the architectonical, environmental, and commercial aspects of our operations, as well as the growth of our human resources. This allows us to fully analyse complex operations with planning and construction challenges, aiming to seek value among the different phases of development and management.

We are developing new city planning and building projects on land we own, for about 2150 housing units, 3 shopping centres, 4 touristic and lifestyle facilities. The upcoming construction of some new projects will follow the potential market absorption, in consideration of the effective economic scenario.

Our long-term strategy concerns diversification in complementary businesses and the strengthening of our core activities through the improvement of our management practices.



The Real Estate and construction activity of our Group starts at the beginning of the ‘20s with Elia Federici, grandfather of the majority shareholder, who developed significant public and private projects, such as the Anagrafe building in via Petroselli, the construction of via dei Fori Imperiali and the BNL office in via Veneto, together with several residential developments, mainly located in via Nomentana, viale XXI Aprile, Circonvallazione Ostiense, viale Parioli and viale Trastevere, many of which are still owned by our company.

Until 2003 and for a period of over 35 years, our Group also held a majority stake in Stirling Civil Engineering Limited, headquartered in London, known for the development of public works and infrastructure projects in over 20 different countries, with a strong focus in Africa and Central America.