Fresia Group is a structured company that works both in Real Estate management, in the residential commercial and tertiary sector, and on the entire value chain of Real Estate development (i.e. purchase, promotion, construction and marketing), as well as in the renewable energy projects and hotel management.

Elia Federici


Elia Federici is the founder and current CEO of the Group from the beginning of our activity. He has held various positions in Board of Directors for banks, commercial, industrial, financial companies in different sectors, and as President or CEO in Groups operating in the production of cement, building materials, international tenders and petrochemical industry. He has held different roles in many business associations (AITEC, Ance, AGI, Asso Immobiliare). His international activity enabled him to work in over 25 countries in the past two decades, from real estate to hotel management. He graduated at Texas AM University in Civil Engineering

Fortunato Federici

Business Planning and Development

Fortunato Federici holds cross-departmental functions within the Group: he manages the business planning and control of the Group operations, the internal organization and human resources. Moreover, he is responsible of technical, commercial and managerial development for some specific projects related to renewable energies and hospitality. He has matured his experience in management consulting, thanks to his work with Bain & Company, an international firm where he has developed several projects in the utilities sector, with strong emphasis in leases planning, coproduction and organization. Fortunato has a master’s degree at University of Bristol (UK) in Aerospace Engineering.

Mario Fontana

Property Development

Mario Fontana is the property development area coordinator, responsible for the whole process from the concept to its final development, keeping a wide sight on the normative and project aspects and the return on investment. He directly reports back to the CEO and follows the projects related to new developments or old buildings to transform and make suitable for new purposes. His main tasks concern the activity of due diligence, feasibility studies, drawing up of projects guidelines, coordination of planning and scheduling of interventions, contacts with PA, tendering management, works monitoring, management of the technical office. He has collaborated with Erregi Srl and V. Mosco e Associati Srl. Here he has worked as project manager for railway, highway and real estate related operations. He graduated in Civil Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome.

Fabio Sarra


Fabio Sarra is the constructions department coordinator, in charge of realizing new interventions for the Real Estate sector of our Group. His job requires him to examine the executive project to be tendered, together with its feasibility, to draw the operations timeline, to check the execution of works and to plan the construction activities on site with the aim to ensure the best quality and efficiency for the projects.

From 1989 to 1997 he directed the construction sites for IMED Costruzioni, coming forward brownfield projects for the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. From 1997 to 2013 he worked as Technical Director for EDIL CONTRACT Costruzioni in Rome, supervising all the activities nationwide. He has worked in the hospital, tertiary, penitentiary, industrial and residential construction field, with the responsibility of procurement contracts and a special attention to times and costs of construction, the relations with administrations until the accomplishment of projects. In the same period, he also became consultant for the Ministry of Interior and, from 1996 to 1999, he has been a member of the Commissione Strutture  for the Order of Engineers of Rome. He graduated in Civil Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome.

Claudio Dal Piva


Claudio Dal Piva is the procurement manager and coordinates the entire process of the procurement of goods and services for the company. In our Group he also had a central role in sales and rentals office and as property manager. For other companies he has been technical office coordinator, site manager, technical consultant, designer for the projects office. During his professional activity he also attended some professional courses on real estate portfolios and benchmark analysis, as well as seminars on property evaluation and trainings for ISO 9001 Quality System officer.

Gioia Orazi

Corporate Affairs

Gioia Orazi is the corporate affairs office coordinator. She also manages the insurance policies and the bank guarantees for the Group. She has worked for other companies in different industrial sectors, in the administrative area and in the procurement and purchase office.

Salvatore Di Giovanna

Maintenance and Technical Management

Salvatore Di Giovanna was born the 27th of November 1967 in Rome. He is part of our Group since July 1990. Since then he has performed many technical tasks and is currently responsible for the management and maintenance of our property. He is registered to the College of Surveyors and Graduated Surveyors of Rome with the code 10828. His main tasks include the procedures for seeking and receiving the necessary municipal and regional approvals and authorizations, the maintenance of historical record of our property, verification and draft of Energy Performance Certificates, , cooperates with the legal department in case of any technical need. He professionally grew up and trained in our Group, as it has been his unique work experience for over 28 years.